Some Embroidery Tips for Beginners

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Sewing methods can be used to create all kinds of arts and crafts. It can include everything from piecing together a teddy bear to creating a colorful quilt as a handmade gift for someone special. Then there’s embroidery—this is an art form that calls for thread, fabric and needles, as well as skillful hands and a creative mind. Different from tapestries, embroidered designs are not woven directly into the fabric. Instead, embroidery is similar to ornamental sewing in that the fabric is decorated using a needle and thread. Today, you can embroider by hand or using a machine.

When you visit a specialty sewing shop, you’ll usually have a choice between several types of machine embroidery in St. Louis, MO, such as free-motion or sewing machine embroidery. Many embroidery machines that are computer controlled are targeted more toward experienced users, but these can also be a good choice for novices who are willing to learn how to operate them. They normally have one needle, while some industrial models come with several needles to help users finish their projects more quickly.

Don’t let all those functions and buttons intimidate you. Here’s a look at some useful tips to help you get the most out of your new embroidery machine.

Select a machine

Many sewing machines on the market today have automated embroidery functions installed in them. These types of sewing machines are hugely popular, as options range from simple and beginner-friendly to complex and packed with all the goods. There are a few important things to consider when selecting an embroidery machine, including what the machine can do, what you need it to do, what features you want it to have, your skill level, your budget and the size of your sewing room space.

Read the manual

Bringing your new embroidery machine home is exciting, but you must remember to read the manual before trying to use it. The manual will tell you how to use each function and what your machine is capable of creating. Some come with software you can use to upload designs, meaning you can create your very own designs on your computer and upload them to your new machine. Check the manual to see if your machine comes pre-programmed with designs and stitches (satin stitch, straight stitch, fill stitch). It’ll also tell you how many stitches per minute the machine can sew.

Sign up for classes

This is one of the best tips for beginners! Sure, you can watch video tutorials online, but nothing beats real-life instruction from an experienced embroiderer. Taking classes is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with everything your machine for embroidery in St. Louis, MO has to offer.


Practice the craft

Practice makes perfect (or at least helps you get better)! Plan to sit down and sew as often as you can. Regular practice helps you get more comfortable using your machine and gets you familiar with fabrics, thread and the act of making stitches. Seek out easy projects until you’re ready for something more challenging.

If you want to learn embroidery in St. Louis, MO, Fenton Sew and Vac has you covered. We offer an embroidery class the first Wednesday of every month, so please join us! Call us for more information.