The Truth Behind Bagless Vacuums in St. Louis, MO

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There will always be small particles of debris in your home. Dirt, dust, pet fur, dander, pollen and other debris sits on all of your surfaces, and will just accumulate over time if not removed. This is where a good vacuum cleaner comes into play. There are two main types of vacuum cleaners: bagged and bagless. Both options have their pros and cons, and they vary in price, design and quality.

A bagged vacuum is just what it sounds like—it has a bag inside it to catch debris, which needs to be changed when it becomes full. Disposal bags should be replaced, and reusable bags should be emptied out. The other option is a bagless vacuum. When using a bagless model, the debris collects in a cup or canister attached to the vacuum unit. There is less worry about forgetting to empty the canister because you have a clear view of its contents. Empty it out when the debris reaches the fill line.

Interested in investing in a bagless vacuum cleaner? Here’s what you need to know about bagless vacuums in St. Louis, MO before buying one.

Advantages of bagless vacuums

Whether you’re thinking about buying a new bagless vacuum or already own one, you might be curious about the benefits it offers:

  • Better suction: The majority of bagless vacuums tend to lose their suction power less often than bagged vacuums. However, if they do lose suction, the clog can be located quickly and remedied with little mess. The suction in a bagless vacuum remains constant, and disposing of the debris inside the canister is a cinch. Simply remove the canister, place it over a bag or garbage can and empty it out.
  • Eco-friendly: Of the two most common types of vacuums, a bagless vacuum cleaner is the more environmentally friendly option. It uses a reusable (washable) filter, and because it doesn’t require bags, you’re contributing less waste to landfills.
  • Less expensive: In most cases, a bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to operate and maintain than a bagged vacuum. This is mostly due to not having to buy a bunch of replacement bags over the lifetime of the appliance. Instead, all you need to do is regularly empty the canister and give it a thorough cleaning every once in a while.

Disadvantages of bagless vacuums

Bagless vacuums are a popular choice for residential and commercial use. However, they are not for everyone. Consider the known downsides of bagless machines before buying one:

  • Possible exposure to allergens: A canister that is not airtight can spew out dust and debris as you go about vacuuming. This can trigger allergies in some people, as can the process of emptying out the canister.
  • Time-consuming: The canister and filter in a bagless vacuum require periodic cleaning and drying. You might need to clean out the canister more often than you’d have to replace a vacuum bag.
  • Messier: If the canister gets a clog, you might have to use your fingers to remove the stuck-on dusty residue.

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