How to Clean Your Dirty Vacuum

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A high-functioning vacuum cleaner can make all the difference when the time comes to clean your house. It will eliminate dirt from carpets and hardwood floors alike with minimal hassle and effort. When your sweeper is dirty or in need of vacuum cleaner maintenance in St. Louis, MO, however, it might seem to be causing more problems than it’s worth.

Why it’s important to clean your vacuum cleaner

It’s only natural that, over time, your vacuum cleaner will get dirty, collecting hair and other debris. When that happens, your vacuum will begin to function poorly. It will fail to pick up dirt effectively and could even promote the dispersal of debris throughout your house.

What’s more, if your vacuum cleaner is dirty but still seems to run fine, you could be left with a false sense of security about the cleanliness of your home. Fortunately, cleaning most modern vacuum cleaners is a painless process.

Take some precautions

Before you dive into the process of cleaning your vacuum cleaner, it’s a good idea to take some general quality-of-life measures. For example, if you can do it outside, do so to ensure maximum ventilation. Indoors or out, it’s a good idea to wear a surgical mask, so you’re not breathing in particles of dirt and debris.

Finally—and hopefully, this goes without saying—never clean your vacuum cleaner or perform any maintenance on it when the machine is plugged in. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Start by emptying

You may have a detachable compartment that collects the dirt sucked up by your vacuum, or you may still be clinging to an old-style bagged vacuum. Either way, the first thing to do when cleaning your vacuum is to empty the collected dirt and debris. If you have a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag, put in a new bag, as well.

Clean your filter

Once you’ve emptied the collected dirt, remove your vacuum’s filter and give it a thorough rinsing. Be sure to allow the filter time to dry before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner.

Cut off hair from the roller

Any household with a pet or a person with long hair is familiar with the sensation of flipping the sweeper over to perform routine vacuum cleaner maintenance in St. Louis, MO, only to find that masses of thick hair have become wound around the roller. Too much hair can stall the rotation of your roller.

Consult your owner’s manual for a means to easily remove the roller from your vacuum so that you can remove the hair in whatever way works best.

Check the connections

Modern vacuums are often composed of a series of hoses designed to simplify specialized tasks like cleaning the drapes. Once you’ve cleared out the collected dirt and removed the hair, check to ensure that nothing has accumulated in these hoses that might obstruct the flow of dirt.

When cleaning fails, Fenton Sew and Vac prevails

If you’re still experiencing issues with your vacuum cleaner once you’ve cleaned it, don’t throw it out. Consider the top-notch vacuum cleaner maintenance in St. Louis, MO offered by Fenton Sew and Vac. Our staff of courteous, skilled professionals is ready and waiting to remedy all your vacuum cleaner and sewing machine issues. Stop by today to find out more!