Rental & Services

Carpet Cleaner Rentals

We rent commercial grade carpet cleaning machines. The Carpet Express C-4 self-contained carpet cleaning machine, has a fully revolving brush, and it holds 2+ gallons of cleaning solution. This lightweight and portable carpet cleaner is highly powerful and will provide you professional results every time. In addition, this model fits in most vehicles and we will help you load it. The rental is $34.95 per day, 24 hrs, and includes our commercial-grade shampoo to do the average house in the rental fee. Make your reservations as soon as possible because they are popular machines.

Pet Odors?

“Enzyme D”, proven to kill the bacteria that cause the odors, without harming your carpet, instead of just masking them. This proven product has been used for over 25 years to eliminate stubborn pet odors with a fresh lemon scent.

Stain Remover

Purple Rhino is our proprietary and exclusive stain remover in St Louis, MO. It is a multi-purpose cleaner that takes the place of numerous cleaners in order to make life simple.

It can also be used on Siding and Gutters, Tubs and Showers, Carpets and Fabrics, Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs, Boats and RV’s, Tires and Engines, Ovens and Stoves, and More!

It can be used as a pre-treat for your laundry stains and a pre-spotter before a carpet cleaner. We have it available in quart spray bottles or concentrated gallons. Made in the USA, 100% biodegradable and never tested on animals.

Fenton Sew & Vac offers a wide range of services for both vacuum cleaners and sewing machines. Here are just some of the repairs and services our talented technicians are capable of performing:

Baby Lock Services

Fenton Sew & Vac can service or repair any model of Baby Lock sewing machine that you may have. We also maintain an extensive stock of Baby Lock parts to get your machine back up and running.

Other Sewing Machine Repairs

We can repair almost any sewing machine that you may have issues with. We are able to provide fast turnaround times and extensive repair options.

Vacuum Repairs

Our Experienced technicians can repair and service both residential and commercial vacuum cleaners of nearly any model or brand.

Part Sales

We have a large inventory of parts in order to give you fast turn around times on your machine repair. If your vacuum or sewing machine requires a part we don’t carry, we can likely order it.

Power Wheels Service

We are an authorized service center for Fisher Price Power Wheels electric vehicles. We have been providing the St. Louis area with this service since the early 2000’s. With two trained technicians we will have your power wheel back up and running ASAP!

We stock popular parts such as: Batteries, chargers, switches, tires and wiring harnesses. If we don’t have a part in stock we can gladly order it for you. Call us at 636-343-8088 to set up an appointment for service or if you need assistance/parts for your vehicle.

Our Sharpening Services

We can also provide you with both scissors and pinking shears sharpening services for almost all makes and models. From a vintage pair of Gingher or Mundial shears to a pair of Farberware scissors, we can put a brand new edge on it and give you the factory fresh cut you expect.

We have been using the best sharpening system available, Twice As Sharp system, since 1973, providing customers with the best possible results. This system give us the ability to completely re-surface your cutting edge and then polish it.