Fenton, Missouri

Our Supplies

Embroidery Supplies

No matter what your project is, embellish clothing, decorate your home, or personalize gifts, we have the supplies you need at Fenton Sew and Vac. Looking for embroidery or sewing supplies? We can assist you in finding exactly what you need. Our expert staff if available to help you in any way we can!

Baby Lock Services

Fenton Sew & Vac is proud to sell a wide range of embroidery materials. We offer everything that you need to complete your project, including:

Baby Lock Embroidery Machines

Looking for an embroidery machine in St. Louis, MO? Fenton Sew & Vac is the right choice! We offer sales of new and used Baby Lock embroidery machines.


We sell software programs that can help you take your crafting to the next level! by allowing you to use your computer to design precise embroidery patterns.

Embroidery Designs

Dakota Collectables embroidery designs are for sale at Fenton Sew and Vac. There are eclectic and classic embroidery patterns for sale at affordable rates. You can even join our Dakota Club for special discounts!

Other Supplies

We are your one-stop shop for all your embroidery and sewing needs. If you need something for your project, chances are, its available at Fenton Sew & Vac!

Quilting Supplies

At Fenton Sew & Vac we sell quilting fabric and quilting supplies for your projects. Carrying over 2000 bolts of quality 100% cotton quilting fabric we can supply you for any of your projects.

Quilts get passed on from one generation to another creating priceless memories for your family. putting in that personal effort to create something special and unique as a gift is a wonderful thing.

We also offer quilting machines and patterns for your convenience. If you are learning about the craft then consider taking one of our quilting classes to learn more!

Janitorial Supplies

We know keeping a space clean is important and also hard work. Make it easier with the proper equipment and supplies. At Fenton Sew & Vac we offer our customers a wide range of cleaning supplies that can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

We also offer several different types of janitorial equipment that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including commercial vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and floor scrubbers.

Our team is proud to offer one of the most extensive collections of high-quality cleaning equipment in the region. Here are just some of the janitorial supplies you can purchase at Fenton Sew & Vac:

Paper Goods

At Fenton Sew and Vac we sell paper towels, bathroom tissue and trash can liners for both home and business. We can meet any of your janitorial needs no matter the size and scale of your janitorial requirements.

Cleaning Chemicals

We sell high quality and high strength cleaning products for use in both residential and commercial cleaning situations.

Mops and More

At Fenton Sew & Vac we provide mops, buckets, squeegees and any other type of cleaning item you may need. We can meet any janitorial need you may have.

Cleaning Equipment

At Fenton Sew and Vac we carry burnishers, floor polishers, floor scrubbers, and other floor cleaning machines as well as industrial vacuums. Whenever you might need we carry!

Window Cleaning

We carry Ettore window cleaning products such as; squeegees, channels, handles, extension poles, buckets, microfiber cloths and scrapers. These are fantastic products for both residential and commercial use.