Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips

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You demand a lot from your vacuum cleaner, making it pick up all the dust, dirt, pet hair and everything else you track into your home. Regular vacuum cleaner maintenance in St. Louis, MO is an essential part of preserving a well-running machine and keeping your house clean. That’s why knowing how to care for your vacuum and solve minor issues is so important.

Note: Always check that your machine is unplugged before performing attempting of these vacuum cleaner maintenance tips.

Check for blockages

If your vacuum isn’t working as well as it should, check common spots where dust or hair may be blocking the airflow. Inspect the intake and exhaust portions, and the wand, hose and beater bar to identify and eliminate any blockages.

Empty or change your vacuum bags often

Empty or change your vacuum bags every week or so. A full bag prevents air from traveling through the bag and decreases suction. Don’t just trust the bag indicator light on your vacuum; instead, take a peek whenever you’re finished with vacuuming. Don’t let your bag get higher than three-quarters full.

Clean your bin

If your vacuum uses a bin instead of a bag, empty it with each use. Rinse with water but do not use detergent or cleaning products. Allow the bin to thoroughly dry before putting it back in place.

Your vacuum’s inner cyclone, shroud and cone should never get damp or wet. Instead, remove lint from the shroud with a dry cloth or brush.

Cut hair or fibers loose from the beater bar

The beater bar can quickly become wrapped up in hair, thread or other loose fibers, rendering its brush ineffective. Flip your vacuum over and cut anything that is wrapped around the beater bar with scissors or a seam ripper.

Take care of your filter

Your vacuum’s filter allows the free flow of air through the unit while catching particles. You must use the filter when vacuuming. If you have a HEPA filter, it’s especially important you keep it clean to prevent recirculating allergens in your home.

If your vacuum has a replaceable paper filter, you should also check it with each use. Your filter can likely be rinsed, dried and reused. If the filter is torn or filthier than a good rinse would be able to clean, it should be replaced.

Clean your attachments

Your vacuum attachments do a lot of hard work, but you may forget about cleaning them once you pop them off. Each month, take a mild cleaning detergent and a damp cloth to wipe any dirt from the attachments, casing and hoses. If you have a rug/floor attachment, vacuum it with the crevice tool after each use.

Store your vacuum in a temperate space

Beyond being a machine that runs on electricity, you never want to store your vacuum in a wet or damp place or the machine belt may shrink. However, the space should also not be too hot or dry, or the belt may become brittle and crack.

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