Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Dealer in St. Louis

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Fenton Sew & Vac has a wide variety of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners for sale. Check out some of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners below.

Fenton Sew-N-Vac is proud to sell made in the U.S.A. Riccar vacuums. While it is almost impossible to carry every model, we do carry a large selection. All Riccar upright vacuums are made in St. James Mo. Their top of the line power team canisters are also made there.

Most major brands of vacuums, Eureka, Hoover, Bissell and most others are made in China and a few in Mexico. Dyson is made in Malaysia. None of these companies have factories in the U.S.A.

Factory Location

Tacony Manufacturing
#3 Industrial Drive
St. James, MO 65559

  • Riccar Vacuuming Dealer – St Louis Mo
  • Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Dealer – St Louis Mo

Riccar’s parent company is the Tacony Corp. headquartered here in St. Louis, Mo. Please click on the link provided below to view all of the Riccar models. Please call us, 636-343-8088 or stop for a test drive.

The factory in St. James is also home to the only Vacuum cleaner Museum in the country.

In addition to its historic value it is also a great source for the engineers at Riccar to study the designs of the past and learn from what was both a good design as well as a bad design in order to design a vacuum that is superior in both its quality as well as its performance.

Riccar Vacuums