Carpet Cleaner Rentals in St. Louis

Fenton Sew & Vac rents commercial grade carpet cleaning machines. We rent the Tornado Mod 425 Mini Marathon self contained carpet cleaning machine. This machine has a fully revolving brush, not a vibrating brush. It is a 3 gal capacity. Lightweight and portable has a folding handle, this is a powerful carpet cleaner that will give you professional results in no time. The rental is $34.95 per day, 24 hrs, and includes enough commercial grade chemical to do the average house in the rental fee. Make your reservations as soon as possible because they are popular machines.



Try our “Enzyme D”, this is a proven product that we have sold for over 20 years to elevate stubborn pet odors. It kills the bacteria that cause the odors it doesn’t just mask the problem temporarily. Won’t harm carpet or furniture. We also have a good selection of commercial grade stain removers for even the toughest stains.

Deep Cleaning Powder – Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner Rental

Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner cleans whole rooms in just 4 easy steps. Quickly remove carpet stains and floor traffic lanes with Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner. This spot remover also absorbs indoor allergens, dander, and pollens.


Particles of the Capture Cleaner work like sponges to capture dirt, indoor allergens, and carpet stains. The spot remover significantly reduces allergens, unlike wet carpet cleaning systems which may support allergens by leaving behind moisture and residue in your carpets. Capture cleaner allows you to clean like a professional and enjoy a healthier home. The powder comes in 4 lb container. Enough to do 400sq. ft. of carpet. Capture is made by Milliken Industries; they are the # 1 manufacturer and supplier of carpet fibers in the world. They designed this product to clean the fibers that make up your carpet.

You can rent a Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner Machine right here locally in St Louis for $19.95 per day, 24hrs, or you can purchase a brush and work it by hand.

Call us at 636-343-8088 and talk to one of our floor care professionals if you have any questions about cleaning your carpet.