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Some Embroidery Tips for Beginners

November 13, 2019 9:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Sewing methods can be used to create all kinds of arts and crafts. It can include everything from piecing together a teddy bear to creating a colorful quilt as a handmade gift for someone special. Then there’s embroidery—this is an art form that calls for thread, fabric and needles, as well as skillful hands and a creative mind. Different from tapestries, embroidered designs are not woven directly into the fabric. Instead, embroidery is similar to ornamental sewing in that the fabric is decorated using a needle and thread. Today, you can embroider by hand or using a machine. When you... View Article

The Truth Behind Bagless Vacuums in St. Louis, MO

October 30, 2019 9:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There will always be small particles of debris in your home. Dirt, dust, pet fur, dander, pollen and other debris sits on all of your surfaces, and will just accumulate over time if not removed. This is where a good vacuum cleaner comes into play. There are two main types of vacuum cleaners: bagged and bagless. Both options have their pros and cons, and they vary in price, design and quality. A bagged vacuum is just what it sounds like—it has a bag inside it to catch debris, which needs to be changed when it becomes full. Disposal bags should... View Article

Five Tips for Carpet Cleaner Rental

October 12, 2019 2:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If your carpets, rugs or flooring are looking a little drab, a carpet cleaner rental might be just what you need to refresh your home. Carpet cleaner rental is easy and affordable and makes a big difference in the cleanliness of your floors. If you’re looking into carpet cleaner rental in St. Louis, MO, here are some tips to follow to ensure a job well done. Consider how much time you need to complete the job Most carpet cleaner rental periods are for one day. Depending on how many rooms you want to clean, you may want to rent the... View Article

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips

September 28, 2019 2:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts

You demand a lot from your vacuum cleaner, making it pick up all the dust, dirt, pet hair and everything else you track into your home. Regular vacuum cleaner maintenance in St. Louis, MO is an essential part of preserving a well-running machine and keeping your house clean. That’s why knowing how to care for your vacuum and solve minor issues is so important. Note: Always check that your machine is unplugged before performing attempting of these vacuum cleaner maintenance tips. Check for blockages If your vacuum isn’t working as well as it should, check common spots where dust or... View Article

Signs You Should Invest in a High-Quality Sewing Machine

September 10, 2019 2:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Are you investing a lot of time in sewing? Perhaps you’re not seeing the results you want. You have a specific vision in your head of a project, you follow every instruction to a T, then you think you execute… but it doesn’t look as good as you’d hoped. While you might blame yourself, the fact is that it might be the tools you’re working with. Maybe you’ve been getting by with a hand-me-down machine from decades ago, but there comes a time when you know you need to go to the next level and invest in a high-quality sewing... View Article

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