Quilting Hacks in St. Louis, MO

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Could you use a few time-saving tips for quilting? Want to make your next project simpler and more convenient? From beginners to experts, quilting hacks in St. Louis, MO can enhance your favorite hobby and take your quilting to the next level.

Ready to get started? Try these top quilting hacks in St. Louis, MO.

Make Eight Half-Square Triangles at Once

Do you need a lot of half-square triangles? Creating these pieces can get tedious and boring. Fortunately, you can cut down on your sewing time by making eight of these at once. Here’s how.

Place four squares in one large square shape. Draw a line from corner to corner across both diagonals. Mark the middle of each square. Sew a scant ¼” from corner to corner lines, then sew again on the other side of the drawn lines. Cut on the drawn lines, and voila! You have eight perfect triangles to use as you please in your project.

String It

Have you ever tried to sew a string quilt? This is a great way to use up various scraps you have on hand and shape them into a beautiful quilt. You just need a foundation piece and random strips of fabric.

Start by cutting the foundation pieces to the finish size you’d like. Then, lay one strip on the background piece, facing up. Lay the second strip facing the previous strip. Sew in place. Iron the strip. Continue this process until the foundation piece is covered. With right sides down, trim the block using your foundation piece as a guide.

Create a Kit

Do you have a quilting kit? If you keep all your supplies for one project together, it can save significant time each time you work on it. Gather all the thread, binding and any other supplies you’ll need and keep them together in a bin, box, basket or other container that works for you. When you’re ready to quilt, all you have to do is grab your kit!

Keep it Clean

How often do you clean your sewing machine? Taking the time to keep your machine in top working order will save you time and headaches as you quilt. Make sure it is free of lint and properly oiled. This will save your work from snags and errors and keep your quilting on track.

Maintain Your Tools

Do you have the tools you need for quilting? Are your current tools in top shape? Bent pens are no longer straight pens. Broken rulers are not extremely helpful. Dull scissor blades offer more frustration than cuts. Make sure you not only have the basics on hand, but that your tools are in good condition. It might be time to replace some of your old standbys.

Discover More Quilting Hacks in St. Louis, MO

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