Looking for Sewing Hacks in St. Louis, MO? You’re in Luck!

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Sewing is a skill that takes patience and requires a level of creativity. And of course, you always want the finished product to be exactly what you envisioned. If you’re looking for sewing hacks in St. Louis, MO, then today’s your lucky day! Keep in mind these eight tips for “seamless” sewing each and every time:

  • Clothespins and binder clips: No sewing pins? No problem! A few binder clips or clothespins can help get the job done. These items come in handy when the fabrics you’re working with are too thick to be held together by traditional straight pins. And if you’re sewing something like vinyl or leather, these options help you avoid puncturing holes in such materials.
  • Double pencil tracing tool: Your pattern might not come with a seam allowance, but you can use a double tracing tool to add one. To do this, take two pencils and tape them together. Since these two lines will be your seam allowance during the sewing process, be sure to measure the distance between the two pencils and use fine-point tips.
  • DIY seam allowance marks: There may be times when you want to use a seam allowance that’s not shown on your sewing machine. Other times you only need a little help seeing the line. Using painter’s tape to mark your lines may give you a clearer view of the edge, and it comes off clean. Or, take a large rubber band—one that can fit around the machine without snapping—to mark your seam allowance. Marking your machine with sticky notes is another option.
  • Pill trays: If you sew, you probably have a good quantity of buttons in your arsenal. Pill trays or plastic trays with slots that can be rearranged to create smaller or larger compartments are simple solutions for storing buttons.
  • Leave notes on fabrics: Whether there are scraps or large pieces of fabric leftover from your project, it’s worth taking a few seconds to label them. Leave yourself notes in big, bold letters indicating details like yardage, width, washed or unwashed. Some fabrics will shrink a bit after washing, so remember to measure again before use.
  • Pins block buttonholes: Regular buttonholes are usually easily made with seam rippers, but a thicker material calls for special care. To keep the seam ripper from tearing through the threads, place a pin across the buttonhole near the end. The ripper will run into the pin instead of destroying the stitch.
  • Peel your chalk: Chalk is used to make quick markings on fabrics, but keeping your chalk triangle wedges sharp is not always easy. Sandpaper is the preferred sharping tool, but if you don’t have any handy, try sharpening the chalk with a vegetable peeler.
  • Hang a cork board: Use a cork board to organize your sewing machine needles by type, size and condition. Pin them up and grab new needles to replace expired or broken ones. Red flag the used ones.

Planning a sewing project? Keep these sewing hacks in St. Louis, MO in mind and visit Fenton Sew & Vac for all your sewing supply needs!

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