How to Sew in a Straight Line

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The basics of sewing can sometimes be the most difficult to master. Even the most experienced sewers sometimes face trouble keeping their stitches straight. Sewing in a straight line is one of the most important factors in a successful sewing project. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help you master the skill of sewing in a straight line. Use this guide to help you sew in a straight line on your next project.

Follow a Seam Guide

Most sewing machines have a seam guide on the footplate. These lines are used to show seam allowance or the space between the edge of the fabric and your stitches. However, this seam allowance guide is a great tool to use to help you stay in a straight line. Some older sewing machines may not have these guides, but most modern sewing machines in St. Louis, MO have lines for common seam allowances.

Use Presser Feet

Similar to using a seam allowance guide, you can use the edge of your presser foot as a guide to sewing in a straight line. You can change out your presser feet to meet the needs of your seam allowance.

Presser feet have guides on them to help you maintain straightness when sewing. Some types of presser feet are even designed to help make it easier to sew straight. These feet may be made of clear plastic with guidelines so you can see your fabric beneath the foot.

Keep Your Eyes Off the Needle

One of the biggest mistakes rookie sewers make, and even more experienced sewers from time to time, is trying to keep their eyes on the needle. As you sew, your needle moves up and down and side to side to complete your stitches. You’ll never get stitches in a straight line if your eyes are focused on a moving needle.

Instead of watching the needle, think of sewing with a sewing machine like you would driving a car. When you’re driving, you need to keep your eyes focused ahead of you on the road. However, you also need to be able to move your head to check mirrors and blind spots as you go. The same can be said for sewing. Keep your eyes out for fabric bunching up under the presser foot or sliding off your workspace. If you have to make an adjustment, simply stop before continuing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to sew in a straight line is to practice until it’s second nature. Grab some scraps of fabric and practice your stitches until you’re comfortable. If you need extra instruction, consider attending a class on sewing machines in St. Louis, MO. Spending time in a sewing class allows you to pick up tips and tricks from your instructor as well as other classmates.

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