The History of Vacuums in St. Louis, MO

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For as long as people have been living in homes, they have been using tools, methods and products to keep their spaces clean and tidy. One of the most important pieces of equipment for homeowners to have around the house is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners allow homeowners to quickly and effectively lift dirt, dust and debris out of carpets, furniture and other surfaces to keep their homes looking great, but where did these devices originate in the first place? Read on to learn more about the history of vacuum cleaners in St. Louis, MO!

The origins of vacuums

Centuries before the first electric vacuum hit the shelves, people were searching for a more reliable way to minimize dirt and dust in their homes. Brooms were first used thousands of years ago, but the modern broom, with more durable bristles and much better longevity, was developed in 1797 by a farmer. The advent of this new broom, which was soon distributed to consumers across New England, inspired the development of a lot of new cleaning techniques and tools. In the 19th century, a handful of inventors began submitting patents for carpet sweeping inventions that used rotating brushes to pick up dirt. Still, these early inventions weren’t advanced or effective enough to really catch on.

In 1869, a Chicago inventor developed a machine that pulled dirt up with a fan that was powered with a hand crank. While this invention bore several similarities to modern vacuum cleaners, it wasn’t popular on the market because of how difficult it was to operate. In 1901, the first gas-powered vacuum cleaner was developed based on a similar design that blew air out instead of pulling air in. This refined vacuum cleaner design became incredibly popular among wealthy households. In fact, many of these vacuum cleaners were built directly into the homes of the wealthy.

Then, in 1907, a department store janitor revolutionized the vacuum cleaner design using an electric motor. The electric motor made it possible for the vacuum cleaner to be designed in a smaller form that could be used in smaller spaces and purchased at an affordable price. A businessman named William Hoover purchased the patent for the vacuum cleaner in 1908 and, over a century later, Hoover is still one of the most prominent brands in the industry. Today’s vacuums in St. Louis, MO still have the same basic design and components as the original electric Hoover machines, and the design will likely continue to be popular for years to come.

Get help with vacuum cleaners in St. Louis, MO

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