Tips for Maintaining a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

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Today, there is a wide variety of great new sewing machines on the market that offer incredible precision, performance and technological integration. Still, despite all of these wonderful machines, a lot of sewers still prefer to keep it “old school” with a vintage Singer sewing machine. Singer is one of the best sewing machine brands out there and, with the proper service and occasional sewing machine repair in St. Louis, MO, their sewing machines can last for decades. If you have a vintage Singer or you’re thinking about buying one, consider these maintenance and repair tips:

  • Be prepared: Before you can dive into cleaning and maintaining your machine, you need to prepare with the right tools. Make sure that you have the right size screwdriver and the proper products for cleaning and lubrication before you open up your machine. You should also make sure that your machine is totally unplugged to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  • Clean and oil your machine: Before you can do any sewing machine maintenance, you need to start by cleaning your machine. Cleaning your machine allows you to clear away dirt and grime to improve the performance of your machine and maintain it effectively. Once you’ve cleaned your machine to the best of your ability, you can oil it by applying sewing machine oil to any moving parts. This will keep everything lubricated and ensure that your machine is operating effectively without putting any excess wear on the mechanical components.
  • Polish your machine: Vintage Singers have a distinctive look that you will want to showcase. Before you show off your sewing machine, though, it’s important to get it looking its best. You should clean the exterior of the machine and use sewing machine polish to achieve that beautiful vintage luster.
  • Know your limits: There are certainly some basic aspects of cleaning and maintenance that you can handle on your own, but you should know your limits when it comes to more involved sewing machine repair in St. Louis, MO. There are certain services and repairs that you should leave to the professionals to ensure that they’re done properly. Find a local sewing machine repair provider who has plenty of experience working with vintage Singer sewing machines. They will be able to properly inspect, service and repair your machine to get it back into the best condition possible.

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