The Beauty in Purchasing a Refurbished Used Sewing Machine

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So, you’re finally ready to purchase a new sewing machine, but buying a brand-new sewing machine can be incredibly costly. Even the basic models can break the bank, while name brands and top-of-the-line features can only push the price even higher. Luckily, there are cost effective alternatives, like buying a refurbished sewing machine. Typically, these older machines come into a store when the owner trades in a working older machine for a newer model. Most refurbished machines perform just as well as brand-new models.

A refurbished sewing machine is a used machine that has been repaired and service for optimal performance. They are a great option for those looking for a specialized or less costly machine. There’s no compromising on the quality, either, as long as the machine is purchased from a reputable shop.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of purchasing a refurbished used sewing machine in St. Louis, MO:

  • Lower prices: This is probably the biggest appeal of purchasing a refurbished sewing machine. A used sewing machine can be sold for a fraction of the cost of a newer counterpart. Because of this, eager buyers can usually find a high quality machine with a variety of different features for a bargain price.
  • Large selection: Buying a refurbished machine doesn’t have to mean buying an old machine. Choose between both older and newer selections to find the perfect sewing machine for your needs. Newer models are frequently available after someone decides the machine just isn’t a good fit for them.
  • Old favorites: Do you have a favorite sewing machine you just loved? Buying a refurbished sewing machine is a great option for those who don’t want to part ways with “old faithful” just yet. Many sewing enthusiasts turn to refurbished machines because they prefer a certain older model that is no longer in production. For example, an antique machine can easily be refurbished.
  • Proven quality: There’s no promise that a brand-new sewing machine model is going to be a favorite. Buying a refurbished sewing machine means you know its advantages and disadvantages before making a purchase. A bit of research ahead of time can help you avoid any models with known problems.

Never purchase a refurbished sewing machine from anyone other than a professional sewing machine shop. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the refurbishing process was done right, using only high-quality parts. Private sellers might cut corners so they can make a larger profit on the sale. Many stores will also provide a warranty on any parts they installed. Additionally, ask whether the store carries the parts needed for that particular model. You don’t want to be stuck with an irreparable machine as soon as one part on an older model breaks.

Fenton Sew & Vac carries an extended selection of both new and refurbished used sewing machines in St. Louis, MO. Stop by or call out store today to start shopping for the ideal machine for you!

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