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In this society where convenience is king, the art of sewing has become a bit lost. People are more likely to throw away their clothing, even when a repair is a simple fix. Learning how to sew means you can save money and express yourself through sewing projects. It’s always fun to come up with new sewing project ideas and then feel accomplished when you finally finish them.

To master this skill, it’s a smart idea to take sewing classes in St. Louis, MO. Here you can learn all the major techniques while becoming more adept and efficient at sewing a variety of materials. Here are some things to keep in mind as you think about taking your first sewing class.

Find the right instructor

The most important part of any sewing class is finding the right instructor for you. If possible, you should take a sample class before signing up to see if the teacher is a good fit. Alternatively, you could speak with the teacher beforehand. You want someone who communicates clearly and has a strong background in sewing.

If you’re looking to learn specific techniques, you’ll want to make sure that you ask about whether those are covered ahead of time. For example, if you’re looking to do delicate work, such as on lingerie or with lace, you’ll want to talk to the instructor about whether the class addresses these subjects.

Get inspired

A great reason to take a sewing class is to get inspiration and ideas for your next sewing project. While it’s nice to scroll through Pinterest, there’s nothing like talking with other people who are interested in the same hobby. Everyone in the class will learn from each other’s experience and mistakes. You can also talk with the instructor about any ideas you have for new projects.

Sharpen your skills quickly

Sure, watching YouTube videos and tutorials can help. So can reading a sewing machine instructional manual. But there are certain things these might not explain—everything from what a presser foot is to which stitch options are best for certain fabrics.

That’s why nothing beats personalized, in-depth coverage like what you’ll get from taking a sewing class. You have the opportunity to directly ask the instructor questions relevant to your situation, and get instant answers. Technology is a great learning tool, but it doesn’t always provide everything you need. From beginner’s classes to get you started to classes covering more advanced techniques, everyone who sews can benefit from a bit of guidance from an expert.

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