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If you’re new to the world of quilting fabrics, you may have a lot of questions as you’re getting started. What’s the difference between chain store fabrics and premium fabrics? What are the differences between different types of cotton fabrics? Should you use different quilting fabrics for different projects?

We’ll discuss the answers to these questions, along with more about the array of quilting fabrics you can choose from. Remember that if you’re looking for expert guidance, along with high-quality quilting fabrics in St. Louis, MO, there’s no better place to go then Fenton Sew and Vac. Let’s talk about how to get started with your quilting hobby!

Premium vs. chain store fabrics

Chain store fabrics typically run several dollars a yard cheaper than their specialty store counterparts. You might think that’s a clear advantage for chain stores, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Premium quality fabric from a quilt shop or specialty catalog will typically have a much higher thread count than anything you’d find at a chain or big box store. This is important because a higher thread count results in a better, more comfortable look and feel, with a silkier hand and longer fabric life. Chain store fabrics are also more likely to have a poor finish, meaning they will feel coarser to the touch. The bottom line is that with premium fabric, you pay a bit more for a far superior product that will last longer and look and feel nicer.

Quilting cotton

There are several types of cotton quilting fabric that you may be interested in using. Quilting cotton is a simple fabric used specifically for quilting. This comes in thousands of different colors, prints and weights. Quilting cotton is often used as apparel fabric as well, although it’s typically stiffer than apparel cotton.

Home decor weight cotton is a bit heavier and usually has a sateen finish. This is a great choice if you’re looking to make quilted home decorations, such as quilted bags, pillows and throw cushions. It’s an economical choice for projects that require wider fabrics.

Quilting linen

This is another all-cotton fabric that mimics the look and texture of linen. Some quilters use this in conjunction with cotton to avoid the problems associated with mixing different fabrics. Just like with home décor cotton, this is a great choice for quilting home decorations.

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