Six Must-Have Supplies for Hand Embroidery

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Hand embroidery is a beautiful, enjoyable and relaxing skill to learn. It’s a unique and personal art form that can actually help reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Unfortunately, many embroidery hopefuls can become a bit overwhelmed at first because they are not sure where to start. The wide variety of needles, threads, hoops and other supplies can be completely overwhelming when walking into a sewing supply store as a novice. To help you get started, the embroidery experts at Fenton Sew and Vac have assembled this simple list of tools every beginner needs to get started. Make your first project a success with the right embroidery supplies in St. Louis, MO:

  • Needles: This should be the first item on your list. Needles are the building block of any embroidery kit. There are countless different types of needles available, so you will need to decide which one is best for you based on personal preferences and the demands of the project. For beginners, we recommend selecting a variety pack with sizes 3-9 or 1-5.
  • Threads: There are countless different thread colors, types, fibers and weights available. There aren’t really any specific rules for selecting embroidery thread. Select a thread that looks best for the desired result. You will eventually figure out which thread weight and type works best as you work on different embroideries. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our employees if you aren’t sure which thread to choose.
  • Fabrics: Fabrics are the foundation of every project. Choosing the right fabric is vital to a great looking finished product. Select a fabric that can support the intricacy, weight and style of the stitch. Remember though that a thicker fabric will be bit tougher to work with, so choose your needles accordingly.
  • Hoops and frames: A hoop frame keeps the fabric straight, flat and un-puckered. The material is placed along the hoop and then tightened in place to ensure there’s even tension throughout the entire length of the fabric. Hoops and frames should be selected based on the size of the embroidery design.
  • Marking tools: Fabric markers come in a variety of different types and colors. Their job is to mark where to cut, fold or place a stitch. The color, size and type don’t matter. Pick your marker based on your personal preference.
  • Needle threader: This is a must-have for beginners. Putting the thread through the tiny eye on the needle can be an incredibly frustrating and trying task. This simple, yet powerful tool will make it much easier to get the thread through so you can get to the fun part. The most common type of needle threader consists of a thin and flexible wire attached to a metal or plastic handle.

Ready to start shopping? Stop by Fenton Sew and Vac today for the best selection of both beginner and advanced embroidery supplies in St. Louis, MO. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the right supplies for your very first embroidery project!

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