Tips for Keeping Your Vacuum Cleaner Good as New

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Vacuum cleaners can be a significant investment, so it’s important to keep them in great shape so they can continue keeping your home looking and smelling good. You can do this by making sure your vacuum gets the proper care needed to protect it.

Here are a few ways you can keep your vacuum cleaner in St. Louis, MO working as good as new:

  • Don’t wait to replace the bag: If you have a vacuum cleaner that uses bags, you should make sure you replace those bags on a regular basis. People often assume they only need to replace the bag when it starts to look or feel full. However, for the machine to be working at optimal efficiency levels, you should make the switch when the bag is around two-thirds full, instead of when it’s completely packed. The debris still needs to have some space to get into the bag, and if it’s too full, the machine will start to work in overdrive. The same approach applies to bagless models—empty the dirt collector regularly.
  • Make sure the bag is attached correctly: Different brands of vacuums have bags that attach in different ways, so you should make sure you’ve attached the bag correctly for your brand. The opening should fit securely to the nozzle. If it requires clips or hooks, those should also be firmly attached. A failure to properly attach the bag will result in debris filling the inside of the vacuum cleaner instead of the bag, which could lead to some significant damage to the machine (not to mention a mess).
  • Clean the roller brush: Check the roller brush every now and then. It can become easy for items to wrap around the roll and prevent it from spinning. This commonly happens with items like string, hair and dental floss. You can remove these items with the roll in place if you wish. Typically you’ll find it easiest to use scissors to loosen and cut these items apart before gently pulling them away from the brush.
  • Keep the belt in good condition: If the belt slides out of place or gets damaged, you might have a hard time getting the vacuum to work as it should. You might also start to notice unusual noises or smells coming from the vacuum. Generally, the belt should be replaced every six months to a year, but it really depends on how frequently you use your vacuum and the brand and model you have. Follow the instructions in your manual for belt replacement.
  • Clean the filter: Your vacuum may have a filter, and if so, you should clean it according to recommendations in your manual. Some filters need to be replaced, while others simply need to be washed. Keeping your filter clean can significantly improve your indoor air quality and also keep your machine operating efficiently.

For more information about how you can keep your vacuum cleaner in St. Louis, MO in the best possible condition, contact the team at Fenton Sew and Vac today.

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