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We’re finally getting our first glimpse of spring, which means it’s time for you to consider which spring cleaning tasks you need to complete in your home. This year, you should consider making a good carpet cleaning one of those tasks.

There is a wide variety of benefits associated with spring carpet cleaning, even beyond just creating a healthier environment for your family. Here are a few examples of why you should consider hiring carpet cleaning services or invest in carpet cleaner rental in St. Louis, MO this spring:

  • Save money: Your carpet is a major investment for your home, so you should commit yourself to taking good care of it. This means getting regular carpet cleanings to keep the fibers in good shape. Cleanings even once a year will help you extend the carpet’s life much longer.
  • Aesthetic value: When you get your carpet cleaned, you also restore the texture and color of the carpet. There’s lots of trapped dirt and particles inside those fibers, and as you walk on them they dull the texture and color of the carpet. Regular cleanings help to restore the carpet’s life. In addition, cleanings help you to remove discolorations and stains, which naturally collect over time. You’ll be amazed at how removing those stains can reenergize your room!
  • Remove allergens: Spring is the very beginning of allergy season every year, so it’s the best time to remove all built-up dust and dander in your carpet. Otherwise, every time you take a step on the carpet, those allergens will be released into the air, which could give you some difficulties with asthma or allergies. Examples of some of these microscopic particles include pet dander, dust, bug allergens, and dirt—these are things that cannot be easily removed by vacuuming alone.
  • Prevent mold growth: As temperatures start to rise (along with humidity) in the spring months, keeping your carpet clean and dry will prevent the buildup of mold that could occur. Mold spores can cause major allergic reactions and asthma problems, and as mold builds up it can also become a structural risk to your home. Therefore, you should do everything you can to prevent it from becoming a long-term, major issue.
  • Eliminate dust mites: The dust you find in your home is mostly made of the dead skin cells we periodically shed. These cells serve as food to bacteria and dust mites that make homes in your carpet. The carpet might seem clean just by looking at it, but the reality is that it’s packed with these microscopic organisms that leave behind droppings and other fragments of their own, which you breathe in every single day. Deep cleanings kill mites and remove these leftovers that they leave behind.

These are just a few of the main reasons why you should prioritize spring carpet cleaning. There are various types of equipment you can get through carpet cleaner rental in St. Louis, MO, or you can seek the services of professionals!

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