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Whether you are starting a new cleaning business or have been around a long time, the key to providing phenomenal cleaning services to your clients is being prepared for any type of job, always. This means maintaining your arsenal of cleaning supplies, be the items you use regularly or only on occasion.

For health and wellbeing—and in some cases, to pass health inspections—business and home spaces should be kept clean. Visit Fenton Sew and Vac for essential janitorial supplies in St Louis, MO the next time you need to restock your cleaning items! Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to be prepared for any cleaning job.

Basic and most frequently used cleaning items

In your cleaning caddies and supply cabinets should be stocks of the most basic cleaning items—such as paper towels, rags, and disposable sponges:

  • Paper towels: The best paper towels for reducing smudges and specks of debris are those intertwined with strong cloth fibers.
  • Rags: When choosing cleaning rags, get the ones made of cotton and that are a plain color. White rags are ideal, but other hues are okay as long as they don’t bleed.
  • Disposable sponges: Bacteria like E. coli and salmonella can easily collect on sponges and be transferred from surface to surface during cleaning. To avoid bacteria, professional cleaners never use a cleaning sponge for more than one application. Because disposable sponges are used once and then tossed, be sure to buy plenty of them.

If you are a janitorial business, make sure you keep a large amount of these particular items in your inventory’s stock. Homeowners and office managers can benefit from stocking up on these basics, too, to ensure their living or working spaces are always clean.

Cleaning solutions

As a homeowner or a cleaning professional, you need to choose the kind of cleaning products you’ll be using. Decide if you want to stock up on commercial-grade chemical cleaning agents, eco-friendly solutions, traditional household cleaners—like bleach and glass spray—or a combination of the three types of cleaning solutions to accommodate every room and surface you clean. This is an especially good idea for commercial janitorial and residential cleaners, who need to take into account their clients’ preferences. For instance, the owners of a sports arena may want their bathrooms cleaned using heavy-duty chemicals, while a homeowner is more likely to prefer you use hypoallergenic or organic cleaners in their home.

Protective gear

As a cleaning professional, it’s your job to prevent germs and hazardous materials from spreading around your clients’ properties, especially indoors. You need to protect yourself from germs, too. To accomplish this, your inventory should include items designed to keep your skin and clothing safe from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and germs. Stock up on latex or rubber gloves, facemasks, hair nets, footwear covers, and paper robes or aprons. Most or all of these protective items are best bought in their disposable versions.

Come to Fenton Sew and Vac for a wide selection of janitorial supplies in St. Louis, MO, or call us to find out if we carry the items you need!

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