Five Fun Quilting Project Ideas for the Holidays!

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Fall and winter are great seasons for getting back into your quilting hobby. There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a fireplace or snug in a cozy chair, quilting while you listen to soothing music or the television in the background. It’s truly relaxing.

More than just a way to pass the time or chill out, however, seasonal quilting is also a great opportunity for you to make gifts or make headway on a project you’ve been working on for some time. All it takes is the right quilting supplies in Fenton, MO and a few lazy or snowed-in days to get back into things!

In fact, now is also the perfect time to start a quilting project if you don’t have one you’re currently working on. Need some holiday ideas to spur your creativity? Here are five great projects that you can get a jump on this season:

  1. Christmas quilts: Quilts are one of the best gifts to give to someone for Christmas because they’re made with love. Plus, they’re very practical for the winter season! People love unwrapping a homemade quilt on Christmas morning and then wrapping themselves in it for warmth. Find someone in your family who will appreciate a Christmas quilt and start making them one today.
  2. Expecting quilts: Know someone who is due to have a baby around the holidays? Baby quilts are a beautiful first gift for a newborn and something that may become a cherished keepsake long after they’ve grown up. Many people still have their baby quilts! If you know someone who’s expecting, making them a quilt is a great project this season.
  3. Pet quilts: While everyone is sitting around the tree unwrapping presents this winter, your dog or cat may be looking on with wonderment. Maybe it’s time to give them a little something for being a good pet? A cozy quilt is the perfect thing for them to snuggle into during the winter and something they’ll love to sleep on for years to come. Plus, you’ll likely get some adorable pictures out of it!
  4. Family quilts: The holidays are a time for family. What better way to show unity and togetherness than through a family quilt? With the right quilting supplies in Fenton, MO and a vision of your family, it’s easy to bring your lineage together in a beautiful tapestry quilt.
  5. Decorative quilts: While most quilts are extremely practical during the winter months and can keep you toasty warm, some are better as decoration. Having a beautiful decorative quilt out when the family arrives for the holidays can really set the mood and give you something to be proud of.

No matter what type of project you’re thinking about picking up this winter, be sure you’re approaching it with the right quilting supplies in Fenton, MO. Fenton Sew and Vac has everything you’re looking for, and can even provide you with insight into how best to approach your project. Visit us today and see for yourself!

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